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Jasonville, Indiana is rich in history and here is a photo gallery of some old photos that we could gather up of the 'Big Fire' of 1914, portraits, the coal mines, and various images of Shakamak State Park during the late 1940's and early 1950's. Also we had gotten a couple of pictures restored from a volunteer of Woot Designs, of Main Street of 1903 and Main Street in 1918 and a few photo enhancements for clarity. Tell us what you think...

If you have any photos of Jasonville during 1920's and on through to the 1970's and would like to have them posted here in the GoJasonville history photo gallery. Please Contact Us and we will get them posted as soon as possible. Thank you for being part of the community and visiting our historical photos of Jasonville, Indiana.

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Jasonville in the 50's
Main Street Jasonville
Main Street Jasonville DIgitally Enhanced
Jasonville School
Jasonville Fire of 1914
Jasonville Rexall Drug Store
Main Street Jasonville in 1918
Main Street Jasonville 1918 Digitally Enhanced
Diving Competition
Family Theatre during fire of 1914
Jasonville Fire 1914
Jasonville School Gym
Coal Miners at local coal mine
Jason Rogers one of the first settlers to Jasonville
Jasonville Main Street 1998
Main Street 1912
Day After Big Fire
Old Northwest Coal Mine
Pappy Cutty
Park Street Schoolhouse
P Fry Coal Mine
Rexall Drug Store
Jasonville School 1912
Stark Irwin Fire
Swim Meet at Shakamak State Park
New Union Lumber 1913
Max Griffith Historian
Shakamak State Park Beach
William L. Lundy and Nelle (Helen) Miller after 1914 fire
Ben Sink Author of The Jasonville Story
Coal Mine near Jasonville
Backside of 1926 Football Champ Photo
Coal Miner from local coal mine
Jasonville after the fire of 1914
Shakamak State Park Beach 1950's
Main Street 1920
Abe Thomas and Demery Thomas Abe's Market
1926 Jasonville High School Football Champions
Jasonville Nine Baseball Team


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